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Neck & Back Pain

Neck and Back Pain Treatment From Our Chiropractor in Orlando FL

Neck pain and back pain are equally distracting and debilitating -- and you may even experience them both at the same time. The good news is that you can benefit from natural neck and back pain treatment from your chiropractor in Orlando FL, Dr. Rose or Dr. Suhar, at Rose Healthcare Chiropractic.

neck and back pain

Common Musculoskeletal Afflictions of the Neck and Back

The neck and the back both contain the spine. The cervical spinal column extends from the shoulder area up through the neck, while the back hosts the thoracic and lumbar spine (with the pelvic bones supported by the sacral spine). Unfortunately, this set of vertebrae, facet joints (which allow spinal motion), cushioning cartilaginous discs and nerve tissue can fall prey to many musculoskeletal and neurological issues, with neck and/or back pain as a common result. These problems include:

  • Whiplash - Whiplash is a neck injury produced by sudden stops (as in auto accident collisions) that fling the weight of the head back and forth forcefully. This typically causes torn neck muscles, pinched cervical nerves, herniated discs, and severe neck pain.
  • Degenerative problems - Bulging discs, chronic strain in facet joints (which may also lead to osteoarthritis in those joints), and/or structural changes such as spinal stenosis can cause pain both in the neck and in the back.
  • Acute back injuries - An ill-advised heavy lifting attempt or unnatural twisting motion can damage the large muscles and connective tissues that support your back.
  • Weight-related strain - Obesity adds an extra burden to your back, which may also mean extra pain. Pregnancy is a temporary form of weight gain notorious for causing low back pain.
  • Repetitive strain - If you're constantly bending, stretching or twisting your neck or back at work or in your chosen sport, that repetitive motion can eventually create chronic soft tissue inflammation. Spinal misalignment - If your spine is out of line, so is the rest of your body -- which only increases the stress on your neck and back. A misaligned upper cervical spine, for instance, can throw your head painfully off-balance, while a lumbar misalignment may make you prone to pinched nerves and chronic back pain.

Chiropractic Care and Other Safe, Non-Surgical Remedies

Whether your neck or back pain is the result of an accident or it has come on slowly as a chronic ailment, you don’t have to live with, ensure major surgery to stop it, or numb yourself against it with drugs. Chiropractic care and spinal decompression can safely and non-surgically realign spinal structures, relieving nerve pressure, muscle/joint strain and other causes of pain. Your Orlando FL chiropractor may also prescribe acupuncture, massage therapy, lifestyle changes and other natural forms of pain relief.

Regain Your Quality of Life at Rose Healthcare Centre

Say no to neck and back pain the safe, effective, non-invasive way. Call 407-298-9211 for natural healing and pain relief at Rose Healthcare Centre!

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  • "I have had no problems with my vertigo situation since treatment. Thank you . And I highly recommend your practice."
    Gary Q. / Orlando, FL

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