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Auto Accident Treatment

Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Orlando FL

If you are in need of auto accident treatment in Orlando, FL we can assist you at the Rose Healthcare Centre. As your Orlando chiropractor, we provide comprehensive care for auto injuries including whiplash. Keep in mind the sooner you can get to a car accident chiropractor after your crash the better. We can realign your body to help it heal more effectively so you don’t suffer from pain due to your auto injuries. Additionally, many auto insurers have a set deadline for any treatments for auto injuries following an accident. Visit your chiropractor as soon as possible to get diagnosed for your auto injuries.

Have you been in an auto accident and wonder if you should seek treatment from a chiropractor in Orlando? Call Rose Healthcare Center; we can help you heal!

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Auto Injuries

Even if you aren’t feeling severe pain or you don’t have noticeable injuries, there is the likelihood that you are suffered internal damage. At the very least your musculoskeletal system is likely to be jarred out of alignment. This can lead to irritated nerve endings, swelling, and inflammation, all of which leads to pain from your auto injury. However this type of pain takes weeks or even months to progress if left untreated. By going to your chiropractor in Orlando at Rose Healthcare Centre for a chiropractic adjustment after your accident you can protect your body and reduce long term pain.

Treatments for Whiplash 

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries following a car crash. When the head is jerked quickly in a car accident it places severe strain on the neck muscles. Over time this damage can cause the neck muscles to seize up, which restricts your mobility. As a result you end up with whiplash. Even if you aren’t diagnosed with whiplash right after your car accident you could develop whiplash over time caused by the crash. Here at Rose Healthcare Centre in Orlando we treat neck pain and whiplash using a holistic approach. We can utilize massage therapy and corrective exercises to regain your mobility. If you have neck pain due to herniated discs or slipped discs in your upper spine, we can use spinal decompression to treat the affected vertebrae. 

Pain Relief for Auto Accident Victims

If you are suffering from muscle pain, back pain, or sciatic nerve pain due to your auto accident we can help. Using chiropractic adjustments and spinal decompression your chiropractor will address the source of your auto injury pain. This allows them to correct the misalignment that is causing you nerve, muscle, or joint pain. We do this without the use of surgery or drugs for all-natural pain relief.

Contact Our Car Accident Chiropractor

Here at Rose Healthcare Centre we want to be your car accident chiropractor in Orlando, FL. Dr. Barry Rose and Dr. Mimi Suhar are your chiropractic doctors providing comprehensive care and pain relief for individuals involved in auto accidents. Contact our office today at 407-298-9211 to schedule an appointment for natural and effective auto accident treatment in Orlando.

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